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1.85mm (DC to 65 GHz)

1.85mm-series.jpg1.85mm DESIGN FEATURES: SGMC Microwaves 1.85mm series are precision grade connectors designed for use with microwave applications requiring excellent performance up to 65 GHz.  Optimum results are achieved with the use of a 1.85mm outer conductor diameter and air dielectric. The 1.85mm series is  mechanically compatible with 2.4mm connector series. The 1.85mm interface is designed to insure the outer conductors of mating connectors engage and align before the center contacts engage preventing damage to the female center contact tines. SGMC offers an extensive line of 1.85mm precision adapters, receptacles, and cable connectors for various semi-rigid and flexible coaxial cables.  Special designs are also available upon request.

  •  Frequency Range: DC to 65 GHz
  •  Mechanically compatible with 2.4mm connector series
  •  Ruggedized construction for repeatability and reliability
  •  Phase matched adapters
  •  Captivated Center Contact
  •  Low VSWR and insertion loss

1.85mm Design Features and Specifications 1.8mm Interface Mating Dimensions